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Obtaining permits

Obtaining permits

To confirmation of quality and security of the cargo

  • Separately and in complex with other services of comprehensive cargo transportation

  • All types of documentation: certificates, declaration of conformance, etc.

  • For all types of cargo: from food to industrial equipment

List of services provided

Permission documentation is required for some types of goods, imported from other countries into the territory of the Russian Federation. IGP Group assists in obtaining:

  • Certificates of conformity.

  • FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) permissions.

  • Phytosanitary and quarantine certificates.

  • Exemption letters.

  • Expert opinions, etc.

We work with any kind of cargo: chemical industry products, cars, high-tech equipment, baby food, etc.

Cost of obtaining permission documents

We are looking for an individual approach to the client and do not set uniform tariff. The cost of obtaining permission documents that confirm quality and security of the cargo will depend on:

  • Number and type of documents.

  • Varieties of product.

  • Difficulties of certification, etc.

By the way, permits may not be necessary.

Leave a request to find out more accurately.

IGL Group advantages

Client focus

Unlike the major players, we always find an individual approach.

Comprehensive approach

There is no need to contact different companies and understand the logistics.

Optimum price

Even in spite of the fact that we are forwarders and not direct carriers

Extensive experience

The founders of our company have been working in logistics since 1996.

Minimum time

We select the route and vehicle in such a way that delivery is speed up by maximum.

Time frame and Cost of delivery

We have a flexible approach to pricing — all tariffs are calculated individually. The cost of international shipping depends on:

На стоимость доставки сборного груза влияют:

  • The distance between pickup point and the delivery point — the further, the higher the price.

  • The type of cargo — transportation of bulky cargo is more expensive than transportation of composite load.

  • The required vehicle — sea transportation is longer, but cheaper than air transportation.

Distance and method of cargo transportation are also affect time frame.

To find out the exact prices and terms, just leave a request. Our company manager will contact you and give you advice on any of your question for free.

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